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Deposit Form.

Welcome to the world of our wonderful small puppies.  We are glad you have decided to make this life changing decision.  The following is a deposit agreement for the new companion you wish to enter into your life. 

In consideration of a deposit of $200, of which is Surety of Action, Seller assigns Purchaser the option to acquire the dog that Purchaser has chosen, guaranteeing that the dog will not be sold to any party other than Purchaser for a period of no longer than 12 weeks of the dogs age or otherwise determined by the Seller.  At the time Purchaser acquires physical possession of the dog, that portion of the deposit taken and known as Surety of Action shall be applied to the purchase price of the dog.

The Surety of Action deposit received by Seller is nonrefundable.

Final payment to be made with guaranteed funds via money order, cashier's check or PayPal.

Please proceed, if you agree to the terms above.


You may wish to print this page for your records.