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This maltese is Nutter Butter.  Cute and Tiny.


This is a picture of Buggy, our maltese boy. 
3 ¾ pounds of pure energy.



We apologize it has taken us so long to get this letter off to you.  Our only excuse is every free minute we have, we love to spend with our lovable babies Scooter and LuLu Bella!

We are delighted and thrilled to write a letter of recommendation for you to share with potential and future dog owners.  Our experience has been positive from our initial contact with you, throughout the buying process and continues with your occasional updates and inquiries into how our puppies are doing.  We talked to many breeders to ensure we were adopting from a breeder that conducted their business with ethics, bred healthy and sociable dogs and were dedicated to finding loving homes for their puppies.  Through our search, we felt you met and exceeded all of these criteria.

Now lets talk about Scooter and LuLu Bella, the cutest and most lovable dogs that ever were!  Scooter is our ½ Lhasa Apso ½ Maltese (from [Buggy]).  He is such a gentle natured dog who absolutely had our hearts the minute we saw him at 5 weeks.  Scooter excelled in his first puppy socialization class learning commands with ease which has made for such a pleasurable dog. He is well behaved, definitely a smart little guy.  By the time he was 6 months old he knew how to sit, down, stay, give ‘5’, give high ‘5’, give kisses and roll over.  He is the star of the neighborhood with his gentle and loving personality. 

Scooter is also such a handsome dog, we never leave the house without being stopped on the street to ask about him.  His coat is thick, his hair is soft, brilliant white and dark black.  His eyes melt you, his teeth are straight and his health has been excellent.  Our vet has complimented him since the first day we took him in. 

Based on our experience, we immediately knew we wanted another dog. Not only for our enjoyment, but we also wanted a playmate for Scooter.  You were the first person we called to find out if you had any puppies available, and much to our dismay, you had just sold your last Maltese.

It was a surprise phone call from you a few weeks later that brought us our LuLu Bella.  Her original owner was unable to keep her and you called to let us know you had a beautiful little girl Maltese if we wanted her.  I think our decision took all of 2 seconds even though we had already placed a deposit on another dog.  The idea of having another one of [Buggy’s] puppies (mom is Nutter Butter), ½ sister to Scooter, we knew we would be getting a great dog.  

We far underestimated what LuLu would bring to our lives. The minute she walked in the door everything changed.  She is 4 pounds of pooch with 100 pounds of personality.  She constantly keeps us laughing and watching in awe. She is always on the look for something fun to do and often entertains herself. She is independent but yet the most lovable little snuggle bug.  She is bold and courageous, yet sweet and lovable.  The absolute perfect blend of all characteristics. She is almost catlike in the way she pounces around the house and will come up and lay down right next to your head and fall asleep instantly.  She gives vigorous kisses a thousand at a time, and then will jump down and go plop down on her brother Scooter and coerce him to play.

They are the best of friends, there is almost a constant patter of little paws on our floors scurrying around chasing each other. When they are not playing chase, they are curled up in their bed together sleeping. LuLu can’t stand to be without her brother, she has to know where he is at all times.

LuLu is taking after her brother with all of her tricks and easy learning abilities. Since we got LuLu at the beginning of the winter season we decided to house train her. She potty-trained very easily and after only a couple of weeks was going to her “potty” on her own.  She also has received nothing but compliments from our vet for being a healthy, happy and well bred dog.

Our house is full of life, and full of energy and full of love thanks to Scooter and LuLu. I’ve been a dog owner all my life and there is something about these little guys that is just so special. We are just nuts about them, and so is everyone in our neighborhood.  It’s a common occurrence to get a knock on our door from one of the kids on the block to see if Scooter and LuLu can come out to play.

We can’t thank you enough for our little babies.  Please rest assured that these guys are getting more love than they can probably handle and are very well taken care of.  We would be happy to speak to anyone thinking of buying one of your puppies.  It takes a lot of time, attention and energy to be an active dog owner, but it is by far one of the greatest rewards in life you can receive.

All our best to you. We will continue to send updates and pictures, Scooter and LuLu are still the best dressed dogs in town, we will have lots more pictures to share in the years to come.

Jose and Kristin Rios

Here are Lulu and Scooter. 
Lulu is a purebred maltese and Scooter is a Maltese/Lhasa Apso mix.
Buggy is the sire to both of them.
They live very elegantly with their owners in Portland, OR.



This is Tassy, Lulu's littermate and sister.
Look for her in Cannon Beach, OR





Our "baby" better known as "Chief Thumper" and we call him "Thumper" is a very loving little bundle of joy, and is full of all kinds of energy, and has brought us so much happiness, it is unbelievable. I do not think he will be any bigger than he is now, and weighs in between 3.6 and 4.lbs. Depending how much he has eaten. He can be a little pig one second, and then eat nothing for hours. He will let us know when he is hungry though.

He goes for a walk every day with his "Dad" and lets him know when it is time to go. He loves to ride in the car, and attracts all kinds of attention with people. They always want to know where we got him, so we tell them. They can hardly believe that he is almost 2 yrs. old, but think he is the cutest little joy ever. He is picky about some folks, and lets us know if he likes them or not. Thumper thinks he is as big as any horse, and has no fear of other dogs. He thinks they should all be his friends. Our outside cat, who would not let other dogs around him, is converted and seems to love Thumper, as he goes nose to nose, and jumps all over the cat. Thumper loves sleeping on his back, with all four legs up in the air. It is so funny to watch. He has tons of toys, and loves frogs the most. He has on frog which is bigger than he is, and if you touch him just so, it will say "I love you" It did not take long for him to figure that one out, and we hear it all the time. He loves to retrieve when you throw, and wants more all the time.

He is the best little love, and is so good. He was "Potty" trained to go out side within a couple of weeks after we got him home. Just seems like that natural thing for him to do, and it was easy for him to learn. We seldom leave him at home alone, and if we do, he sits in his chair and watches for us to come back. So happy to see us, and we him. Course we leave the radio on for him so he will not be too lonely.

We will keep you up-dated, and look forward to keeping up with your web site. Very cute babies and I get a kick out of what others have to say about their "kids".

So glad we found you when we did. Thumper is the best of the best.


Sue, George and Thumper too !!!! From Hood River.

This is Thumper, full brother to the girls above,
commanding his territory in Hood River, OR



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Yorktese - Yorkie - Maltese - Mini Munchkins - Home Raised & Plenty Spoiled Pups - xPupZ

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