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Here are the updated photos of Sammy. Sorry they took so long to get to you. Have been busy with Christmas and all. Sammy turned 2 years old on Christmas Day as you know. He now weighs 5 pounds. He has been a great addition to our family. A lot of fun and smart. Sometimes too smart. We have taught him to do some very unusual tricks. For example he can count to 4. And knows his left from his right. And can fetch certain toys by their names. He does all the normal tricks that dogs do as well. His favorite is the HIGH FIVE. I'll run a digital movie of these tricks and send it off to you sometime if you would like. He can have a stubborn streak in him as well. He enjoys going for rides, playing fetch eating and sleeping. His dislikes are air planes and birds, if he could fly they would be in big trouble.

Happy New Year,

Ron & Lana

These are Sammy's puppy pictures. 
He is a Yorktese puppy (yorkie/maltese mix). 
He lives happily in Gig Harbor, WA.



I thought I'd give you an update on Jack.  He's almost 2 years old now and is really thriving.  He's about 4 pounds and has been a very healthy dog.  He's very protective of Matt and I and we're hoping that he takes to our new arrival well (we're expecting our first baby on January 4th).  He loves to take walks, play with us, snooze on our laps, and basically be around us. 
I sent you an ofoto invitation to view my pictures of Jack.  Feel free to use them for your website if you would like.
Hope you're doing well!


This is Jack.  A true pocket pup.
Jack is Sammy's littermate and brother. 
He is also a Yorktese puppy. 
He lives in Seattle, WA. 


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If you have purchased a dog from us, please send in your pictures.  We will add them to our website.

View Christmas Photos Here.


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Yorktese - Yorkie - Maltese - Mini Munchkins - Home Raised & Plenty Spoiled Pups - xPupZ

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